Cambridge Dementia Course

The dementia course 2024

The Cambridge Dementia Course will run in November and December 2024. The course will be in two parts. The provisional dates for 2024 are:

We encourage people to attend both parts of the course, though a few people may wish to only attend one part of the course. We think the best experience and chance for discussion is in person, but we recognise that people may wish to join online. You can choose whether you would like to join in person or online during registration, depending on the availability of places (both online and in-person space will be limited).

The course charges are yet not finalised for the 2024 course. As a guide, the 2023 one day online course was £40, the in-person two-day course was £300, and the online two-day course was £100.

There are online materials for both parts of the course, some of which will be made available prior to the course, and some will be made available following the course. All our presenters make a version of their slides available for download. Any videos or picutres from the presentations, and the videos from the video sessions are not made available.

Given the talks and discussions may contain sensitive material, we do not record any section of the course.

Signing up for the course

Registration is available at the registration page. We will reserve a provisional place, with payment and final confirmation in September 2024. Given the significant difficulty in obtaining payments from hospital trusts and other organisations, we will ask you to make a payment through an online link. We cannot supply invoices, e.g. for NHS Trusts.

Do register early, previous years have been heavily over-subscribed and our places have been filled by May/June.