Cambridge Dementia Course

Welcome to the Cambridge Dementia Course website

The Cambridge Dementia Course, held in Cambridge UK, is designed to give an understanding of the diagnosis and management of patients with dementia and covers Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, Prion Disease and rarer forms of Dementia.

The Course is aimed at specialist registrars and newly appointed consultants in Neurology, Old Age Psychiatry, Liaison Psychiatry and Elderly Medicine; plus nurses, psychologists & neuropsychologists working in the dementia field. However, other professionals are very welcome to apply.

The course is organised by Dr Andrew Graham, Dr Tim Rittman, Dr Clare Galton & Dr Renate Claassen, Consultants in the Memory Clinic at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. The course is taught by members of the Cambridge memory clinic, with invited speakers from across the UK.

Some quotes from participants in 2023:

“The best course I’ve been on in my 12 years of practice. Engaging speakers, talks just the right length, fantastic small group sessions with just the right amount of interactivity and the videos included in talks and tutorials were a brilliant learning tool. Came away really inspired!”

“The thing that came across was that everybody was both an expert yet also able to convey that expertise in a way that was very helpful”

For details of the 2024 course, please see the next course page.

TYM Test

If you are interested in the TYM (Test Your Memory) test devised by Dr Jerry Brown please visit the TYM test website.